5 Snack Options That Are Good For You

Ever reach that point in the day where you need to devour something while working? There’s a whole wide world of snacks out there that are both healthy and delicious. Tell that bag of chips to stay on the shelf, let’s get you some snacks that will have a positive impact on your day!


It’s better to get the unsalted type, or even low salted ones. Pistachios in shell are a great snack to keep in your desk, or take in a small bag to work. The great thing about nuts is that there’s lots of protein some have up to 6 grams of protein per 2 ounce serving… Just watch your servings sizes!!

Protein Bar

We all want that chocolate fix at some point, but instead of a Mars or a Snickers bar; grab a Clif Bar, or one of the many protein snack bars out there. It helps to stack up on these, make sure you take a look at the ingredients and make sure they’re actually a health bar!

Mixed Berries

Remember when mom used to pack you fruit cups? Same idea. If you plan ahead you’ll save yourself from bad snacking; pack a small tupperware container filled with some berries. Frozen berries can thaw out nicely, but fresh ones always have the right consistency.


Not just a side dish when you go grab sushi; edamame can be a snack all on its own! You can usually get them pre seasoned and frozen at most stores. I’d keep a bunch in the freezer at work and microwave a handful whenever hunger strikes.

A Good Ol’ Apple

You know that old saying about an apple a day, keeping the doctor away? Well there’s a reason for that, they’re actually healthy while tasting delicious. You’ve got a whole lot to choose from, so switch up your apples. One week Gala, another Red Delicious!

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