Obviously, I am including “any of the other 8 3rd-party candidates” when I say “a Nader vote” in…
Sara Lynn Michener

But showing up for imperfect candidates only reinforces the 2-party control. Like I said, if Democrats and Republicans only got 50% of the vote, instead of 98, they would have to radically rethink elections, even if they still won. Even if it’s not that exaggerated, what if the Green Party gets 10% of the vote? That’s not enough to win, but it is enough to make a statement. And that kind of statement will change something. (For the record, Jill Stein is the only candidate who would abolish existing student debt, which 43 million Americans have, and 43 million is enough to win an election.)

We’re having different conversations, is my point. You are calling us crybabies for not playing by your rules. Your team is cheating by the way. And many have played by those rules ready, for far too long, voting for the lesser evil because the other candidate was a little or a lot worse. At some point, don’t you think people get fed up and realize this game is rigged? The only power we have is with our single vote, and powerless people want to fuck up the system, no matter how. I haven’t studied MLK’s quote about riots being the voice of the unheard, but I suspect that he means people rioting aren’t thinking logically. That’s the point. The game has screwed them over so the only way they can screw it over is to create chaos. This is some people’s way of rioting — it’s just that now we have the Internet and access to other people who feel the same way and can organize it a little better.

You may disagree, and that’s completely valid. But I don’t think you fully understand, nor do you offer the least bit of empathy, which is important for someone speaking so authoritatively on it.

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