But if you sit out this election, it will make it impossible for that candidate to win.
Bernie Supporters: People of Color Need You to Vote for Hillary. And You’re Going to Need Us
Anthony Flores

To the contrary, any candidate who wins with negative approval ratings (like Hilldawg, Trump, and coconut Cruz) will attract the opposite support in droves the next election. You seriously think someone like Trump or Cruz winning won’t piss people off to have a progressive sweep in 2020? (A more important year than 2016, I might add, as the majority party in congress gets to decide redistricting and control congress and politics for the following DECADE.) Hillary Clinton would do just the opposite- like it or not, just the name Hillary is divisive. Republicans fucking hate her guts, and yeah, a lot of it is sexist, and I admire her that much more for trekking through it in public. (Honestly I’ve been thinking of writing a piece on how the main reason they hate her probably has to do with being a woman in power who won’t “shut up and make sandwiches” and it just evolved from there.)

I don’t know if I can fully address the people of color argument, given that I’ve benefited from White Privilege my entire life (I completely and proudly identify as Latino and have been raised in a very mixed household), but any argument saying voting for anyone other than Hillary is anti-people of color is bullshit. If not Bernie, I’m voting for a woman who actually does support reparations, who shamelessly promotes marijuana legalization, who believes everybody is entitled to a basic standard of living, who isn’t afraid to say that not only Black Lives Matter but #BlackResistanceMatters and BlackPowerMatters.

Donald Trump says some really fucked up things, but he’s half the threat Cruz is (and I say that as a fellow Latino, goddammit!) — and the fact is Hillary Clinton has done fucked up things and is responsible for the loss of so many lives, in addition to having said and continuing to say fucked up things. How can you in good conscience ask anybody to vote for a woman who sent orphans back to war-torn (by our/her doing, mind you) Central America “to send a message”? I honestly get teary-eyed when I think about the actual impact of her decisions and things she’s okay with, and I’m not an emotional person (at least before lately). Hillary is in favor of all these wars against brown people all over the world in her quest to imperialize, westernize, and take their oil. She is responsible for more deaths than Trump is, for the record.

Trump is playing a part. If I’m dumbfounded by anything this election, it’s that everybody is too stupid to recognize that he makes up what he says on the spot; and he purposefully says things that’ll get him free airtime because all the damn media cares about is ratings and clicks. Cruz, well, he’s a different monster, but I prefer Trump any day to a guy who actually tried to ban dildos in Texas. But even he won’t scare me into voting for supposedly the “lesser” evil. I’m done playing that game. We’re all done.

Jill Stein would cancel all existing student loans, she’d actually declare a climate emergency so we can stop polluting and get a handle on the climate crisis, which I’m sure you know disproportionately affects people of color and poor people. If there’s anybody that people of color, or anybody in America for that matter who isn’t funding Hillary Clinton, needs, it’s Jill Stein. I’m willing to accept 4 years of Trump in order to get Stein and the Green Party the 5% they need to actually be a force to reckon with in 2020. And if we cared enough, we could easily notify 43 million Americans, enough to win a 3-way election especially against Trump and Clinton, that they can go to the ballot box and cancel our debt, and you’d be ashamed at anyone trying to convince you to vote for Hillary Clinton.

This race is far from over, by the way. The easy part for Sanders and his supporters certainly is, but the hard work is just beginning. The rest of the 14 primaries ahead are favorable to him and he’s already effectively closed the gap in California and he has over a month to continue his popularity growth.