I think the democrats will come up with better options, depending on how Hillary’s 4 years go.
I don’t think it will be Clinton vs.
Maddie Ponsetto

History shows a different pattern. Whether it will be Cruz or Clinton or Paul Ryan or Gillibrand is peripheral — they want to keep the establishment in power and maintain the status quo.

What makes you say the nominees will be any better? Trump is worse than Romney is worse than McCain is worse that Bush is worse than Dole is worse than Bush. And quite frankly, Clinton is worse than Obama is maybe slightly better (but only at the time) than Kerry is worse than Gore is worse than Clinton.

President Obama ran on the notion that he was a progressive and anti-war. But look what he’s done in office, even with two Democrat-controlled houses of congress: Wall Street execs and lobbyists all over his federal appointments, bigger bank bailout than President Bush, expanded Bush’s wars, has deported not only more immigrants than Bush but more than all other presidents combined, illegal drone strikes, pushing this TPP, pushing Hillary Clinton on us. The Democrats effectively serve to push through what we won’t allow Republicans to enact.

It’s time to fight back. Democrat bombs aren’t any less deadly than Republican bombs. A woman Deporter-in-Chief is still a mass deporter. And this woman stands by the deportation of child refugees — who were fleeing her war crimes in Central America — telling us “we had to send a message.”

I’m done with the Democratic Party. And I hope you are, too.