I voted for Nader.
Ivan X

How do you know a President Gore would have been any better? Not only did Hillary Clinton support the invasion of Iraq — and convince every other Democrat to vote in favor of it — so did Al Gore:

We need to challenge ourselves and the biases drilled into us by, in this case, the Democratic Party. It is not a given that Gore would have done anything less deadly than Bush. Coulda, shoulda, woulda — it’s impossible to know the outcome of something that didn’t happen.

What state do you live in? It really only matters in Florida. And even at that, more registered Democrats voted for Bush in Florida (300,000) than all of Nader’s votes (90,000). Exit polling in Florida shows that only 1% of Nader voters were registered Democrats (and the exact same amount Republicans), the rest would have stayed home or voted for another third-party candidate. There were 8, including Nader, who received more than 600 votes, the difference between Gore and Bush. Even if you entertain the “spoiler” idea, you can’t apply it to just Nader.

I understand why people assume Hillary Clinton is the lesser evil, but as a Latino, there’s no way I can accept that whatsoever. Take a few minutes to look into her record before you vote.

Finally, it doesn’t have to be this way. They could pass score, approval, or even ranked-choice voting right now for this election. Bernie Sanders should be pushing and bullying every one of his colleagues to do so, but he’s not — why not? The bill is there, it’s been there for 15 years.