Do we need to sleep at night?
Emma P

I remember reading about this some time ago. The catch is that you have the same sleep cycle every single day. You can’t schedule class or meetings or appointments or anything other than sleep during your sleep time — it’d be like scheduling class at 2am.

I feel like you’d just drop wherever you are since it’s only 20 minutes. And you can’t skip it- if you do, could you then do a 40-minute session? Would that totally fuck you over since you’re not used to it? How would you get back on track with such stark changes from one minute to the next? (I’m presuming that it’s not 10 min of drifting into sleep and 10 min drifting out of sleep.)

This phenomenon sounds great and efficient, but unfortunately our society isn’t set up to allow most people to do it. However, I wonder if the scheduled sleep is less flexible as you go up the ladder — for example, if you do a biphasic cycle with a big sleep and a nap (or two) then the nap(s) are more flexible than having 4 20-minute power naps as your only sleep every 24 hours.

It’s really interesting, though, just makes you wonder what you’re missing; what does it deprive you of?

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