3 Big Challenges to Scaling Digital Badges
Noah Geisel

Again, well written but I think you missed a trick

  1. Equivalence. The market, at least in the UK is diverse; in HE no 2 degrees are the same even in the same subject — academic Chemistry departments cannot agree which 50% of the subject is core. At the other end of the age spectrum, in Scotland, with Curriculum for Excellence there is a drive to personalised learning at the establishment level to suit local needs. I believe the main driver for standards is at the 16–18 level and is driven by Universities to make their selection process easier.
  2. Meaning. I wonder whether you worry about the wrong market at this stage in the badge development life-cycle. There are too many vested interests to displace the traditional certificate system for such as ACT but a bolt on to such as First Aid courses seems not too bad. I certainly couldn´t find such less important qualification paper certificates, if asked.
  3. Time. The problem here is that as I see it most Digital Badges are an individual teacher´s personal gift to their students. No one up the management chain really cares enough or has the time to address this issue seriously. And as for local Universities engaging I have yet to see examples of such on this side of the pond.

To me the issue is cart & horse: to scale badges there has to be an incentive so that the baggage involved can be sustained. In my old College there was a room of a dozen administrators supporting a verification hierarchy that easily costs millions across the Scottish FE sector. There, appears to me, now that Mozilla has gone no Xerox like organisation to kick start the development to get Badges technically right — never mind to support its deployment.