Beaker People

If there are as many people alive now as has ever been where are the remains was the question recently answered at a talk in Aberdeen University by Dr Gibson (Reader in Prehistory): stacked up. The image shows about a thousand years of dumping bodies: a central pyre of 4 or so is complemented by some to the side and topped by blobs of cremated ones. Prior to this bones were just dumped higgledy piggledy though briefly there was a tradition of mixing them up and constructing the parts of 4 different individuals in a crouching position. Elsewhere the wily Egyptians invented a civic reason for preserving remains: religion.

So now civilisation has a raison d´etre, but this does not work as intended everywhere. Fast forward to something called Freedom invented by a Norman knight: Robert Bruce to bind (those he didn´t kill in Church) a group against a common enemy: the English. There is confusion as to whether this was the basis of the US Constitution (common enemy: the English) though a big statue might indicate otherwise.

And today what is on the mind of the great and good. Richard Branson, for one, pronounces on education more than is necessary and of course Bill Gates put his money where his mouth is. Meanwhile those that know quietly get on and subtly spread the good news.

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