Hyperlocal Predications

There is no street fight for business in Aberdeen presently, I have not queued for purchasing (or returning) product this year-end. Admittedly there were people in the Jigsaw clothing outlet when I did the latter after Christmas — as opposed to none before.

And as for technology predictions …from the reaction of checkout staff there is no big deal about mobile payment either. People suffer self service checkout they have already made the investment in their time to identify the item they require. So the location of import is not at the end of the retail adventure it is at the door (just like when taking a school lesson — greet the pupils as they come in) or more likely the window.

Gap failed in the prime location in Aberdeen because its displays were bland. Body Shop, 20 metres away with the same footfall, prospers because: (a) it has no windows — all its store front is entrance and there are greeters (security too ?) (b)people need fancy soap — how else does Lush succeed despite being smaller and not quite in the shopping centre (c)the staff care …

Will Facebook tech make any difference to the above eg local friend recommendation … I always remember my wife´s expression as our daughter returned from London in Hotpants. It took a while but now they are fashionable in Aberdeen or were this past summer. Why ? Did tech help … my money is on music-ads for next year.

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