Teacher Education: Where We Are
Mark Sonnemann

I would like to push back on the student-centric approach. I am currently helping a STEM class of about 20 early teens: to be a guide on the side takes a lot of staff (3 possibly going to 4). It actually suits my style as I have come from Industry to Teaching, first as a Uni lecturer (no training) then a long spell in an FE college (some quaint CPD) and recently science clubs in Primary (self book taught).

Looking at your local teaching training provision I am impressed by the numbered list of a third of the course: get self sorted then student focus, aided by practice. (A casual glance at my local uni provider shows no such detail and more about course/school mechanics.) I am influenced by the latest excellent google talk below: I feel you have to feel good about yourself before worrying about others. Maybe not fashionable but ….

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