Media Companies: Don’t Let Your Traffic Run Out the Side Door
Josh Elman

The 3 characterisations could be applied to voters in the recent UK General Election. Core: who always for one party; Changers: who cling to one “culture” and vote for the political party that seems to represent that at the time (eg case in point in Scotland the SNP used to be called “tartan tories” but won big when they became socialists and thereby took all the Labour seats); and finally Casuals, who vote for say a person or on a particular issue.

There is thus a problem, similar to that outlined above, for the pending party leaders (and their support teams) who are queuing to stand as the new messiahs to replace such as Ed Milliband. One approach is to learn from the overwhelming success of the SNP in Scotland who won all bar a few of the seats available. Their tactics were simple: first, identify by geography bite-size chunks of winnable demography and address their needs; second, have a big vision with several facets eg anti Trident & pro Scotland.

In the spirit of “”Och, if I were going to Aberdeen, I wouldn’t start from here!" I reckon Dodo is not necessarily a name to deliver vision from despite getting some side-door publicity as those on the recent 19th century wreck discovery in the Indian Ocean were probably the last persons to see a Dodo.

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