What’s in a name

I am starting a business what title should I go by:

1. Simply my name
Clearly one’s name is important, especially if you operate as a consultant, but often on Twitter it can be hedged with a number due to allocation issues; this might well have personal significance but is noise. Sometimes names are a bit boring or have connotations that have appeared recently eg Isis. Finally, there is the spelling even Thomas Woodward sounds better as Tom Jones.

2. Hashtag friendly(ish)
Twitter gives you 2 names so if Oturu is not right try @SmartSceptic. I am currently leaving @paulmartin42 and trying Regular Customer with @BestPracticeABD (company name). Note the latter reaches the limit of allowed characters would have preferred @BestPracticeAberdeen; somehow letters at end not as bad as numbers. I was tempted by ABN but this alludes to AberdeenBusinessNetwork.

3. A book title ….
I am writing a book — what should it be called ? The project inspiration was Dirty Teaching, clever but too short maybe. Above author used: The Smart Sceptic’s Guide to Social Media in Organisations, maybe too long. Outdoor School Nature (or more likely Physics) appeals but it is a bit boring.

Finally Amazon is useful. It has just sent me a list of related books and provided some inspiration but no decision as yet.