The Git Zone
john johnston

ZPD is like a squash ladder: you progress fastest when you play someone who is a bit better than you. In a similar way to you, & despite (online) encouragement from Doug Belshaw, I have made attempts at Github but because I am not proximate to anyone hereabouts who could encourage me I gave up.

The trick, for teachers, is to identify an interesting ecosystem eg Unix in the early 80´s, and get a group of kids to enthusiastically learn together. Sadly <& sorry to enter the old¨Git zone¨> I think the UK education system has in general, at the secondary level, squashed such chances via the recent exam culture; I recollect, the 2 year A level gave time for fun but then along came Higher/AS level. (Of course, there are pearls of good practice in some places)

If I can drift off topic further I can see why Michael Gove (originally from Aberdeen) had to (continue) the system shake up in England. It will be interesting to look back and see whether Scotland keeps up with its local authority edu-model. Thank goodness for primary schools where ZPD seems rife.

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