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Charlie — finally a story on Spurs from someone who gets it. Only down note is that I intend to take at least one if not both of my daughters to Wembley at least once next year and I have to gird them for that “hourlong gridlock” going to the Tube. I’ve only been at this Spurs thing for 6 years — ever since ESPN started showing all the Prem games and I knew I had to pick a side, and there was Bale running rampant down the wing, and Shakespeare, and Salman Rushdie, and the Jewish connection, and the rest is blessed history. Including a somewhat fluke trip to London in early 2015 that just so happened to coincide with the NLD and ‘arry’s two brilliant goals for the 2–1 win. Other Yank sports and experiences have prepared me for the agonies of this particular fan experience— I may not have a lifetime but I get it. Nothing prepared me for what Poch has done — can it be real? And can it get even better, despite Wembley and the end of the Lane? Damned if I know but the finding out will be fun, and worth it… He may have cost only 5 mill, but they’re all better than Ozil… COYS

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