We’re in the last 7 days!

…of fundraising for Greece: Dreams Take Revenge. We finish on 26 March, on the eve of a crucial Eurogroup where the rest of the narrative of our film will be decided. (Click here if you feel like helping us!)

We’re effectively now shooting the “middle bit” — the confusing Act III of a five act drama. Journalists protect stories like Gollum protects the ring in Tolkien, but we’re also prone to blurting out details of what we’re working on, (especially when stuck in departures at Lisbon airport working on another story).

In that spirit: we’re telling the story of three kinds of people as Syriza struggles to enact its promises inside Greece: migrants released from an horrific detention centre; women occupying a cultural space; and the working class waterfront communities around Pireaeas.

It’s fair to say there is apprehension about what Syriza can deliver. And the social movements themselves are exhausted after years of resisting austerity. For many working class people — like the people in Kalithea I met at a mass local community meeting last weekend –this is at time for being mesmerised by the changes at the top.

They know, whatever they do, what matters is the deal the government gets out of the EU/ECB/IMF. Every day they — and I–wake up expecting to hear the government has run out of money. So there’s a lot of selective tolerance of the slow progress. One guy said to me: “If they only deliver three things they promised I will vote for them forever. It would be a first for any party to do anything for people.”

But with Golden Dawn’s leaders released from jail, in anticipation of their trial, things are beginning to heat up. Watch out Saturday for a fascist demo and counter demo. Our teams will be there.

Help us if you can: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/greece-dreams-take-revenge/x/9515280