Announcing Hedge for Windows

Update 2017/08/28: the first beta is available. Only pre-orders have access, and receive a license before Hedge for Windows is released later this year.

From literally the day we released the first public beta of Hedge back in 2015, we’ve been getting a steady stream of requests for a Windows version.

Windows = red, macOS = blue, iOS = green, Android = yellow

Long story short

Getting a lot of requests is a good start, but it’s not enough to justify such a big business decision. Being able to offer the same experience on Windows is essential for Hedge to work. Adapting Hedge’s interface to the Windows ecosystem is already difficult, but the biggest roadblock is Fast Lane. We only want to create a Hedge for Windows if it’s on par with its Mac counterpart.

Pre-orders Are Go 🚀

Starting today, we’re opening up a pre-order for Hedge for Windows, at a 50% discount.

No Cure No Pay

The pre-order by itself is not nearly enough to fund this kind of development effort. We fund part of it ourselves, and on top of that we’ve secured financing for it. The more pre-orders we get, the bigger the financing, which results in a faster release.


Supporting us with a pre-order is of course great for your karma, but you also get a few real life perks:

  • Beta access & status updates
  • Priority support
  • A 50% discount coupon for any number of additional seats 😱
  • Stickerpack!
  • Lifetime adoration by the Hedge Team 😍



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