Catching a Thief

I saw a man climbing down a water pipe. He had a knife in his hand. I hit his hand with a brick. He fell down on the ground and I jumped upon him. Soon others reached there and we handed him over to the police.


Their 5th gen replicators to start

Makerbot’s been in the news recently for what seems to me to be misplaced grievances with their latest patents. Its pretty clear that they filed patents for filament switching extruders before the open source community demoed similar technology. I get that people are upset that Makerbot sold out and went proprietary but this particular issue isn’t a big deal. Instead of worrying about patents people should be worried about the quality of Makerbot’s latest set of machines. They are almost unusable.

The 5th generation replicator is actually a beautiful printer, one that I think most people could see many consumers…

Not so smart.

This is the Makerbot Smart Extruder that comes standard on the 5th generation Makerbot Replicator.

Front of the extruder

What will it take to get a 3D printer in every household?

According to the Wohlers report there are 67,000 industrial 3D printers worldwide, where ‘industrial’ means it cost more than $5000. The consumer market wasn’t detailed in the press release but let’s make some assumptions and do some math.

Let’s assume that the number of consumer printers is double the industrial printers. I made that number up but since they are approximately half the cost as the cheapest industrial models its a decent guess. So there are 130K consumer printers worldwide. You can get some very inexpensive printers, $500 or less, but most of the reprap kits are on the order…

80 piece build of a low res deer head — part 1 of many.

One way to obsess over 3D printing is to build the most complicated, multi-piece object you have the patience for spending hundreds of dollars in filament and hundreds of hours of your personal time on something you could have probably bought at the store for 100 bucks.

After spending some time on trinkets I decided to go all in on this deer head: (don’t worry, I’m not doing it in green and red. I can only assume the dude ran out of green filament and wanted to print the antlers with whatever he had lying around).

I have a…

Fair warning: I’m notorious for starting blogs and projects and never finishing them or following up. I’m hoping this one will be different.

I’m writing this because 3D printing has become my new obsession. I love everything new so its no surprise that I wanted to try out 3D printing but I am surprised how enthralled I’ve become with it. The feeling of watching something materialize right before your eyes is amazing and similar to the way I felt when I learned how to modify the boot up screen of our first computer, an Apple IIe, to make it say…


Product Manager - Google. Product lead for Google Consumer Surveys. Former PM of Gmail, App Engine, Checkout (now Wallet) and parts of AdWords.

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