hanging lake trail, colorado / credit: heather merrill

In praise of fun

Why we need to take a break more often

Life gets fast. We take things too seriously. The responsibility of keeping all the plates spinning is very real. Making our monthly rent or mortgage payment is unavoidably necessary. Our kid crying in the next room actually does need our help.

But you must jump off the treadmill on a regular basis.If you don’t, you will lose sight of everything that’s important. Taking a deep breath for more than just a minute is vital to your mental, physical and spiritual health.

Getting away from our regular environment is huge part of taking a real break. A change of scenery allows us to recharge our internal batteries by giving us a sense of perspective. Seeing different scenery provides definition to our back-home lives.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money.True, it would be fabulous to explore Machu Picchu. But savoring an extended dinner at a local Peruvian restaurant with your significant other might just do the trick. On your next day off, driving a couple of hours to a park you have never seen may be totally worth the fuel expense and time behind the wheel. Hearing live music at a club you’d normally never visit could help you uncover hidden gems. Joining a club to learn a new hobby will stretch your brain in ways you never would consider.

Go have fun. This very weekend.