One person (from tens of thousands?
S. Dan

What are the point, you're missing the point that the site was skirting The edges of Canadian law Around marketing of pharmaceuticals. Deliberately. And a doctor is not going to argue with a patient who is willing to take one Antidepressant over another. They want the patient to be on some form of treatment, It soothes their souls (Or allows them to worry less, or Strokes Their professional ego, Whatever.) Pharmaceutical companies are more and more trying to Direct Patients to their Substances, No matter the risk to the patient.

As a simple example, A doctor who Had Loads of marketing material for a particular antidepressant wanted to give them to my partner, Despite the fact that they were completely contraindicated by the other medication she is on. If the fact that That Dr Had obviously just had a marketing spill From a pharmaceutical Rep from the company that Produces that drug Wasn't blatantly obvious From the marketing materials, It was from the fact that the Stupid bastard wanted to put a drug that could have Are in hospital with the other medications she was On.

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