Business casual sucks

My socks are falling down.

I hate wearing dress pants. Honestly, I hate business casual in general. My preferred wardrobe, business or pleasure, consists of jeans and a polo. The irony is that I’m “better” with business casual. My dress shirts fit better and my outfits match. The whole thing is automatic.

Casual, on the other hand, is harder to pull off. Sometimes the top of my v-neck t-shirt shows under my polo. Yeah, that’s right. The whole point of a @#$%! v-neck is to hide your t-shirt! Yet I somehow manage to pull off the unthinkable.

Which tells me that I need to spend more time in jeans and polo, so I can figure the whole thing out. Like I figured out business casual.

Which further tells me that this might be a problem for other guys. Or maybe not.

Regardless, in my journey from loser nerd to fit geek, I continue to struggle with this. So, I’ll admit it: I’ll be spending time on fashion sites dedicated to men. But don’t laugh. Or laugh if you want to, I don’t care. I’ll be perusing sites like Antonio Centeno’s Real Men Real Style, The Art of Manliness, and IAmAlphaM.

Is it time to trade in the pocket protector for some cuff links?

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