It’s crazy how quickly our phones become cluttered with apps that we think we need, but no longer use. Earlier today (and quite spontaneously) I decided to go through my phone to delete some unused apps. Before I knew it, I’d deleted about half to two-thirds of the apps on the phone and boy did it feel good. What remains are the few apps that I actually use. As I navigate through he screens and folders it’s oddly satisfying now that I’ve cleared the clutter. I can’t over state this — it feels so good once you clear the old crap off your phone. As I decided what to delete and what to keep, I would ask myself:

  • Do I use this app? If I hadn’t used an app at all (not sure why I downloaded it in the first place), it got delete.
  • When did I last use this app? A lot of apps have served a one-time purpose. If there was an app I hadn’t used in the last few months, it got deleted.

Above all else, the thought that made this process super easy is the thought that if I ever need an app again, it literally takes a minute to download it again from the app store. So, if you’ve got a spare five minutes, give your phone a quick audit and delete some unused apps. It’s amazing how it can make you feel 10 times more organised and free up some space on your phone.

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