How Do You Find Your Purpose? Build Something You Would Never Sell. With David Hieatt.

David Hieatt is co-founder of Hiut Denim

Paul: Do you remember the TED talk that rocketed Simon Sinek to marketing stardom?

Start with Why was the book that followed and had everyone talking about finding their purpose. That visionary drive that pulls you out of bed and powers your ambition. Blasting away the uncertainty, procrastination and fear of rejection. Did you work out what your “why” is and make it the foundation of your business?

Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk — “Start with Why”

David Hieatt makes Jeans for a living. As well as starting the Do Lectures. He’s a living breathing case study in the importance of understanding your “why”.

David lives on a farm located on the west coast of Wales. But he knows things about brand building that most farmers don’t. He apprenticed under the late advertising legend Paul Arden and it’s made him, in my opinion, a master story teller. An expert in the art of “why”.

If you’re building a company and you’re being pulled left and right by the endless sea of decisions, possible paths and competing ideas, then I want you to watch all 3 of the videos I’m sharing in today’s article and I want you to listen carefully to every word that David says. They may help you clarify your purpose and turnaround your own project…

Over to David:

Farmer Bill owns the farm next to ours. He’s a good 70 years old. He’s as strong as he is thin. His front teeth are long gone. His hands are like the contours on an ocean map, but they don’t map depth, they map hard work.
I sat and watched Zach Klein giving his talk at this year’s Do Lectures in Wales. This was the guy who co-founded Vimeo. He told the story of building Vimeo from nothing. The fun they had. The team they built. The following they amassed. And, then he told us how he felt after selling it. And how quickly he realised that he missed it. He ended his talk with a slide that summed up his learning from his adventures: Build something that you wouldn’t sell.
Zach Klein’s Do Lectures Talk
I watched his talk and, I will be honest with you, it tore me to bits. Because I knew, perhaps better than anyone there, what he was talking about. You see, I had started a clothing company called howies, and I had sold it. And it was a mistake for lots of the same reasons.
The day we signed the deal with Timberland was the day howies was over. I thought it would change nothing. But we had lost our purpose in a single day. And so it was all over. Some of us knew that much earlier than others.
The designer, who was away in the Far East, went to his hotel and cried on the day the deal was done. I developed a rash on my side that still flares up to this day. One of the main drivers of the business threw his Timberland boots out of the window. We all knew the dreams we had for howies would no longer be possible to complete. And so, one by one, a very driven team disbanded.
David’s Do Lectures Talk 2013
I bumped into Farmer Bill this weekend whilst writing this for you. We got to talking in the rain. He was talking about another farm that had to sell. It was a big sum that he quoted. But in the same breath he whispered ‘But you only get to sell once’. And, of course, he is right.
I don’t know Farmer Bill that well. But I do know this: He won’t be selling. He will carry on working his land, come rain or shine, until his last day.
He loves his land. He loves the work it provides for him. I believe his exit strategy is a coffin.
And, I don’t know a better one.
David Hieatt.
Co-founder of Hiut Denim Co.
Our town is making jeans again.

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