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Jennifer Brown, I have no idea what jaden violet “needs” to do.

But she did make a very specific claim, then failed to substantiate it, then admitted she was wrong, but said it was okay to be wrong because of her feelings.

Here is jaden violet:

“here, let me point the “criticism” …”

[Then a lot of irrelevant quotes from Trump are listed.

I then explained to her that she did not actually point out a single criticism Trump make of Khan, to which she responded, essentially ‘I don’t need evidence or facts because everyone agrees with me.]

Paul Moroni:

“you did not point out any specific criticism Trump made of Khizr Khan.”

jaden violet:

“i am not the only one in the world who feels that trump maligned the Kahn family, even those in his own party have expressed the same opinion that i have..and so have the veterans of america…i believe that is all the backing i need…”

[I then pointed out that her feelings are not the same as facts]

Paul Moroni:

“‘Other people agree with me’ is not an argument.

Point me to one criticism Trump made of Khan please.”

[She the admitted that Trump did not criticize Trump, but then pivoted to say it doesn’t matter because he is still a horrible person.]

jaden violet:

“you know..i have failed to prove my ask for 1 criticism that trump made against Mr. Kahn…and your’re right..i could not prove one..not one…

i don’t need one piece of evidence to know of someone’s character”

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