Run, Fat Dad, Run: Run 2 fast

My second run and it confirmed that pacing is hard. I set out too fast wanting to better run 1's 6:31 per kilometre after Stephen Connolly said this;

I don’t even have a time goal for my first marathon; just finishing it is my goal.

It resulted in this (left: run 1, right: run 2)

And yes, the average pace is better at 6:04 to 6:31 but the consistency is worse and the 5th kilometre was poor.

Weather wise it was about the same but a fair bit windier. The Dark Sky app is quite handy to avoid the rain.

This time I wore earphones, that kept falling out, and listened to The Reboot Podcast which compresses time but meant I paid less attention to my pace which is ironic considering the podcast was about paying attention.

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