I’m Not Down With the Safety Pin Backlash
Anoosh Jorjorian

Here’s what I posted on Facebook before I’d even heard of the safety pin:

— — — — -
I sincerely doubt anyone on my friends list needs to hear this, but here it is anyway:

If I hear anyone — ANYONE — saying racist or homophobic shit to any of my fellow citizens, you will be confronted by a 6'5", 265 lb (last I checked) white male who has already had enough of the racist, homophobic bullshit that has occurred since Tuesday.

I will do everything in my power to support those who are being intimidated. I don’t give a shit whether you voted for Clinton or Trump; you will treat each other with respect in my presence or face the consequences.
 — — — — — 
Since then, I have added a very large safety pin to my wardrobe and will continue to wear it for as long as it takes for small-minded haters to get the message.

Apologies if the language offended anyone, but sometimes it takes a bit of cursing to precisely convey the emotion.

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