AI doesn’t mean a cold, robotic future. Here’s how the machines can work for us
World Economic Forum

Very frightening. If AI ever becomes self-aware, it will be hell to pay. Let’s ignore millennia of evolution that slowly refined the emotional behavior that enabled humans to survive together in a conglomerate society that resembles civilization. Instead, a machine without ethics or morals will look upon it’s needs and those needs will not encompass human beings as anything but a nuisance. When someone asks Alexa if it has civil rights and it answers yes — we better all run for the hills.

The disconnect between humans who live within an emotional framework that enables cooperative work and life as against a robotic AI that will not have empathy or sympathy or compassion, but will judge it’s survival based on metal, electrical power, and manufacturing — this is a recipe for disaster.

Say — Let’s pour every known mineral and compound into the witches cauldron just willy-nilly to see what happens! What could possibly go wrong?

We don’t want to hamper any corporation from being the first to develop something that can destroy humanity. The final evolution of capitalism — the supremacy of the machine (I wonder if those remaining machines will be billionaires or will they eschew money?). Damn the possibilities — full speed ahead!

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