Tips to Create Engaging Content Online

Online spending by European consumers has created new commercial opportunities for businesses. According to a study, 53% of consumers in Europe purchased something online in 2015 (Bill Briggs, EUROPEANS GROW MORE COMFORTABLE SHOPPING ONLINE, 2015). Consumers often have a short-span as it is divided between various activities in the digitalworld. Therefore, to engage consumers for extended periods of time, businesses need to generate content that is appealing and relevant to consumers. Here are some tips to engage with users in the digital world.

Relevant Content

When content marketers are asked, ‘vad är content marketing’, their opinions may vary.However, most may agree that delivering relevant content can increase consumer interest in a company. For example, a company like Nike, which sells sports shoes made for adventure, can use Facebook to identify people who like trekking. In order to appeal to these users, Nike can host a blog about 10 best treks around the world and provide links to relevant products for interested buyers. Such blog activity provides useful information to a group of prospective buyers. This can help a company find new consumers, connect better with the existing ones and can also help increase consumer loyalty towards a brand.

Visual Content

According to a study, an average user views YouTube videos for 25 minutes per session. In some countries such as Sweden, users engage on YouTube for an even longer duration of time (MVF Global Customer Acquisition, LEAD GENERATION AND INTERNET MARKETING IN SWEDEN, 2015). Hence, a digital campaign can be beneficial as it could effectively promoteproducts and services through videos. Businesses can host video blogs or channels onYouTube and attract potential consumers. Thus, the visual content would help increase the likelihood of sales for organizations.Businesses should try to hire a professional digital strategi konsult to set realistic goals forthe visual digital campaign. This is very important as creating professional videos can be expensive. Businesses should weigh their goals with possible expenditure before initiating such a digital campaign.

Peak Hours

People in different countries access social media platforms at different times. According to latest research, highest traffic on Facebook occurs mid-week between 1 to 3 pm (Zephoria, THE TOP 20 VALUABLE FACEBOOK STATISTICS, 2015). When creating a strategy for content marketing i sverige, quality content should be delivered at peak times to reach maximumnumber of users. Delivering quality content during 1 to 3 pm would allow businesses to have maximum impact on potential consumers. As the digital marketing process consists of many aspects, organizations might find it difficult to run day-to- day activities, as well as promote products online. Hence, businessescan hire professional agencies to plan and execute a digital strategy suitable to their needs.One company which provides content marketing i sverige is GO MO Group.