Red is the Color of Disruption

Disruptors on board with Crowdsourcing Week

Over the last three years Crowdsourcing Week has gathered thousands of attendees and disruptors at its event in 15 cities worldwide. It has also forged countless collaborations with major brand names and enterprises.

Until recently enabling your fans and followers to be part of your journey has been difficult. Especially if they wanted to invest.

Have a read through this excellent article by Dara Albright on the Facebook IPO. When they already had a half a million fans and followers why couldn't they become partners with Facebook? Securities regulations stopped any pre-IPO involvement. The situation will change in a few weeks due to the passage of Title III in the United States of America.

However partnering as a fan and follower is possible now in the United Kingdom on platforms like Crowdcube. Especially if you want to join the growing band of disruptors embracing the crowd economy.

The CSW mission has been built through community participation and contribution to 14 different aspects of the crowd economy that are profiled and discussed extensively at events world wide and their website.

Given the large number of people who support what Crowdsourcing Week stands for, including the thousands who have attended their events, they have decided to take their own medicine and crowdfund the investment required to enable the business to grow its extended family through #crowdcapital.

Crowdsourcing Weeks mission is to equip and empower the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs to create better futures. For those interested they can contribute to the campaign here – Become a disruptor!

Investments of this nature do carry risks to your capital as well as rewards. Please #InvestAware. Approved as a financial promotion by Crowdcube Capital which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (no. 650205).

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