For the metaphor to work you have to almost view one end of the rainbow right in front of you and then the much farther end is where the real magic lies

One thing that often seems to happen is that people HEAR a narrative where you 1) never diet again using Eat To Perform or 2) you have to workout 12 of your 24 hours a day. Neither of which is true but it’s just easier to believe that because at the end of the day understanding takes patience and sorting things out. Things that you have spent a lifetime chasing with no visible results. Sure that one time where you beasted for like 3 months you kind of saw a 2 pack when you squinted but was that worth it…

There are two ways to get this level of lean, the first way is to have muscle and diet down occasionally repeating that process for your life. The other way is to keep work capacity high enough with a slightly higher body fat that allows for enough food and recovery for more size-able muscle to show at a slightly higher body fat percentage.

First I am going to say something I suspect you may not know. Your fat layer doesn’t just protect you, it protects your muscle. In that way your fat layer is muscle preserving, now I get it, if you want to see your muscles we will have that discussion later in the article. Just know that your fat layer is an ally in this process.

Secondly you should also know that if you resistance train often you are barely touching the surface of what your body is capable of, the amount of volume that you have to put in day…

Men certainly feel pressure to weigh less on occasion but when you look at this picture you have to know that it was preceded by YEARS of not dieting and lot’s of weights lifted

First let’s start in the beginning, the conditions that make women lose less weight than men is not really specific to gender per se, it’s a much larger discussion and even though we will talk about it for the rest of this article we won’t really touch the surface. So here it is, the big secret:

The more you diet the worse you get at dieting

For the most part women consume diet products and diet programs at a rate much higher than men. Men do have some genetic advantages that contribute favorably to weight loss, that can not be…

Sometimes life pulls you in all directions and you still have to stay RELATIVELY on point

Eat To Perform coach Suzie Glassman is coming off of a rough month so I asked her if she could run through how an Eat To Perform coach deals with this kind of chaos in her life.

So it’s January 24th, and as much as this month marks new beginnings, I’m ready for it to be over. My son got his cast off (after breaking it while sledding over Thanksgiving), and 10 days later promptly re-broke it playing tackle football in a friend’s basement. 🙄 This time in order to straighten the bone, he needed to go under general anesthesia…

My workouts have sky rocketed in the last three weeks, while it could be the testosterone I personally attribute it to the longer and deeper sleep

I want to keep making the point that while I am a man MANY women often do benefit from addressing testosterone deficiencies. Two of the five people I reference below were women, so keep that in mind.

One of the things that always annoys me a bit as a nutrition coach is the dismissal of water weight. To lose weight in any real way you have to challenge the balance that exists day to day that your body has gotten used to. Most people fail because they want to either nibble at the problem and do nothing or they want…

How vibrant do you want your life to be, what do you want to become. If you could listen to your own Eulogy would you want people to say “here lies Karen, she was habitually 15 pounds over weight and avoided social situations because she ate rigidly

I was listening to a lecture by Spanx owner Sarah Blakely and she talked about the environment that ultimately led to her company. She had gone through some traumatic events as a child, death of a friend and parents getting divorced were the short list. Up until that point her thoughts were more or less a series of events that just happened to her and how she reacted to them. As her father was leaving their family he gave her a cassette tape of a motivational speaker that said something that changed her life and I think CAN change yours.

First let me say that while I will be talking about a specific situation it has WIDE ranging application, not just as it relates to losing weight.

I was reading a blog post by a writer explaining how they became disillusioned with the fitness industry. The post starts explaining his motivation, after a lifetime of dieting his mother always landed in a roughly worse spot after each fad diet. This ultimately became his motivation for pursuing fitness as a career and the blog post was basically why he was leaving.

This is something very familiar to me and the post…

Clients often put their coaches and personal trainers in a weird Catch 22 because their jobs often conflict with the real intent of why clients join

First let me say that it’s tough being a coach because often the things that you need to do to get better at exercise ISN’T the real goal of their clients. So if you joined to lose weight and your focus is to constantly lose weight and you literally say that every single day I kind of get why your coach would say “EAT LESS”. The problem is your coach doesn’t know how little you eat now and that can turn into a real problem.

All that said coaches are often in an unenviable position, they are selling something to…

Ask any body builder and they will tell you that the most progress they made was in the beginning with foundational exercises and movements

About a year ago a professional body builder posted that stomach vacuuming was one of her favorite exercises. If you aren’t familiar with this it’s basically a body building pose but does a good job of tightening up lower abdominal muscles that can get over built if you aren’t careful. It’s not that it’s NOT useful, it’s just not all that useful for regular folks as a main exercise.

Yet here we were, everyone wanted to stomach vacuum for about 3 months.

I don’t mind being critical of most body building because frankly it’s not body building at all. …

Strong women are here, it’s time to get the memo

Recently I was reading some information on reverse dieting and every path lead me down the same road.

“Not enough data has been gathered yet”

If you want to know how young health and fitness is that will tell you all that you need to know because reverse dieting is simply the process to normalize your calories after a dieting cycle.

It’s of course well known that you can’t just diet your way to an optimal physique and genetically we all have some differences in terms of body type and style. …

Paul Nobles

I am one of the owners and founder of Eat To Perform

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