The man who introduces himself as a “Doctor”

There is an old man who always introduces himself as a “Doctor”. Doctor Zero, I call him. Despite not being forbidden to behave pretentiously in public, I feel insulted and slightly ashamed when I see this man greeting other people and repeating “doctor”, “doctor”, as if he had invented the word. As someone who successfully concluded a doctoral thesis, I believe that being a Ph. D. holder is a synonym for hard work. Writing a doctoral dissertation is an arduous task that requires determination and some talent to convert years of research into a readable document.Furthermore, more than criticizing someone who doesn’t seem humble enough to understand that a Ph. D. is much more than having a medal pinned on his blazer, I criticize this creature for pretending to be someone he isn’t. He has never written a Ph. D. thesis. He lacks the necessary intellectual structure to attend a doctoral program. I suppose he knows that working as an adjunct lecturer at some private university doesn’t grant him the referred academic title. However, instead of feeling anger when confronted with con artists and scammers, I should look at these individuals with more compassionate eyes. This man lies all the time, and his lies insult people who studied. But at the same time, he is a poor soul affected by inferiority complexes and impossible desires that led him to be who he is, a liar. Having a Ph. D. isn’t an artifact. And as an intellectual, or someone who dedicates his life to books, I have the responsibility to emphasize and understand other people’s needs and flaws. I also have to understand this man’s context. He lives in América. It is usually said that America is a land of opportunity. I would add that America is also a land where everyone has the chance to reinvent himself. A cook can be a writer. A plumber can pretend to be a professor. A mechanic can pretend to be a lawyer. America is also a country where one can live an imagined life without being confronted with the truth. Having that said, I want to be someone who hugs this man and calls him a doctor, even knowing he will never be a doctor.

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