I had the honor of recently delivering the graduation speech for the graduates of The Lisbon MBA program at Catholic University of Portugal. Here goes the full transcript.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me start by saying that I am very proud of being here. I am very proud of having been a lecturer at the Lisbon MBA.

And it is a great honor to be able to address you, as you are contemplating the rest of your careers.

OutSystems, the company I co-founded in 2001 sells a very complex software product to companies in 25 countries. …

In 2001, the group of founders got together and added the last details to the OutSystems business plan. We wanted to solve a big problem: fix the IT productivity issue of delivering large Intranet (browser-based internal apps) and Extranet (customer and partner portals and APIs) systems. These projects were plagued with failure, delays and were constantly over budget. We also wanted to ride the one trend we knew would revolutionize enterprise IT: software systems running on hardware hosted outside the enterprise data center. In March 2001, OutSystems was born.

The core idea was to empower the enterprise developer community to…

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OutSystems decided to launch a small booklet (The Small Book of The Few Big Rules) describing in simple terms the 7 rules of behavior that are the foundations for the OutSystems culture. A lot of friends and acquaintances have been sending me questions on the applicability of these rules on their specific organizational contexts.
If you want to apply some of these rules in your company I would advice you to be aware of the following:

1. Any leadership initiative only works if it comes from the top. In the case of these rules it is absolutely of the essence…

This is a presentation from Switch Conference 2012 on the subject of starting sales in a new territory. It introduces a checklist of 7 ingredients that might help you understand what you have to do or why your sales are not working as you expected. Specially relevant for B2B companies selling complex products (~25 minutes long).

Change has been at the foremost of my thinking since 2000 when, together with some colleagues, we started planning what would later become OutSystems. OutSystems was founded on the premise that software change inside the enterprise is the major fundamental culprit for the general IT inefficiency and lack of flexibility. As we addressed the issue of change in IT with our Agile Platform and our methodologies we have also evolved our own company to handle change better.

Human beings are, in general, extremely adverse to change. Change means uncertainty and we are hardwired as a product of evolution to go…

Padrão dos Descobrimentos
Padrão dos Descobrimentos


Portugal é um país pequeno com 10,5 milhões de residentes. O nosso Produto Nacional Bruto (PNB) é 13 vezes inferior ao da Alemanha e 64 vezes inferior ao dos Estados Unidos. A falta de dimensão significa que as startups portuguesas precisam de se expandir para outros países muito cedo na sua vida, basicamente desde a altura em que são criadas.

Infelizmente a internacionalização é um processo penoso, caro e arriscado para startups com poucos clientes, pouca faturação e recursos limitados. Os relatos das empresas que conseguiram vencer os obstáculos variam nos detalhes mas são consistentes em vários pontos: demora…

Apple has changed the way tech companies are recently shaping their value propositions. It is no longer acceptable to have a great product that addresses a pain. We now need to solve that problem in a fantastic way. We need to look at the overall end user experience and context and fit our product seamlessly into that experience. We must deliver innovation constantly, release upon release, without compromising that seamlessly user experience. This is what I call the pursuit of Uber Experience.

Uber Experience, which used to be a differentiator offered by very few, it’s fast becoming what most are…

At the last OutSystems company 2010-Year kickoff I listed 7 best practices that I suggested everyone follow. Some of them are just written confirmations of good behaviors that are common at OutSystems. Others are emerging practices that some of us use with great results.

1. Do everything with the Ultimate Goal in mind.

Ultimate Goals are simple descriptions of objectives and challenges we need to focus on when we are doing something. Coming up with an Ultimate Goal is hard work. It needs to be devoid as much as possible of the “solution” or “the way it is going to be addressed”. And it needs to be accompanied by…

yeh, don’t bet on your own money. get funded. screw someone else #TEDxEdges #OutSystems

This tweet appeared on the web as I was giving my closing remarks at TEDxEdges. I believe it got sparked by my fundamental rule of thumb that you always need something to fall back to if your startup fails. Startup bankruptcy is always a possibility and nothing to be a shame of. Folding in a company that is going nowhere is a sign of a truly senior entrepreneur.

Colorful language aside, the “screw someone else” deserves exploration from a content point of view because I think…

One of the strengths of the US lies in the self organizing nature of its citizens. Football (soccer) clubs that host thousands of kids in suburban towns are run in a self organized hive of activity, where parents act as investors, managers, coaches and referees. Voluntary work is highly recognized by US employers who rightly believe that people that have run workshops, helped maintain a highway or run civic groups have accumulated useful skills and experience that make them better employees.

Portuguese are not used to voluntary work but that is changing. A remarkable example of a great non-profit initiative…

Paulo Rosado

CEO, OutSystems

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