— Necromancer 1 CTF Walkthrough

I am stuck on the snmp part. When I try and connect with the death2all community it times out. Both with metasploit aswell as snmp-check, snmpwalk etc. I dont get why, I restarted a few times and ran all the previous steps again. Always this:

snmp-check -c community (edit: should be death2all here but gives same output)
snmp-check v1.9 — SNMP enumerator
Copyright © 2005–2015 by Matteo Cantoni (

[+] Try to connect to using SNMPv1 and community ‘community’

[!] SNMP request timeout

Im running my VM on host only adaptor and all the previous steps worked.

I realy enjoyed this CTF so far and would realy like to finish it.

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