Job market for designers in Finland on March/18

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Following my previous post, where I looked the skills companies in Finland were seeking when recruiting designers, now it's time to look what happened in March.

For those looking for design positions, it's very important to know what the companies are seeking: this knowledge can guide self-development efforts, such as selection of courses and projects to develop the requested skills further.

Those responsible for design education should also be aware of the current status of the job market for designers for securing the employability of their students.

After this short intro, let me tell what I found looking the job advertisements in March/18:

  • More than 40 open positions for designers. However, due to my language limitation, I only looked those written in English. I've also dropped two positions that were looking for very specific skills: the first one was Instructional designer and the second was Senior Game designer, both from the Gaming Industry (Supercell and Rovio). In the end, I filtered 22 positions to analyse:

So here is what I found in these 22 positions:

Who is hiring?

Following the image above, here is the list of companies behind the 22 job ads. Some of these positions are still receiving applications :)

  • UI Designer: 3 Step IT, Virta, ParkMan, Zalando, Yogaia and Kuudes.
  • UX Designer: Dream Broker, Varian Medical Systems, Freska, Outotec.
  • UI/UX Designer: Siili, Ericsson, Softco.
  • Product Designer: Nordcloud,
  • Service Designer: Aller Media, Mash.
  • Webdesigner: Quanturi, Yousician
  • Designer: Zadaa
  • Graphic Designer:
  • Visual Designer: Starship
Who wouldn’t like to work for Gus Fring? :) #BreakingBad

What are the top skills they are searching?

  • Communication: All the 22 job ads asked for communication and teamwork skills.
  • UI/UX and Visual design: 19 job ads asked for the ability to work with User Interface and User Experience design and/or knowledge of visual skills such as typography, colours, layout, etc.
  • Research: 18 job ads asked for designers to be able to do research, interview users, test and prototype ideas during the process.
  • Constant learning: 17 job ads requested designers that are 'eager to learn' and willing to be continually challenging itself.

What else do they look for?

A few other skills were often requested in the ads. For instance, knowledge of coding and web development (13 ads); a business mindset in terms of marketing, branding, etc. (11 ads) and also the ability to work with service design (9 ads).

How about software?

We all know that software is essential for doing design work. Still, not all companies write in their ads which software they use. In our analysis of the posts in March, the Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) appeared 8 times, Sketch 7 times and InVision 3 times.

Do I need a degree in design in order to get a job?

Last month there was only 8 job ads (out of 33) asking for a degree in design. This month I found again 8 job ads (out of 22) asking for a degree.

Puhutko Suomea?

Even though the only ads I looked were the ones written in English, there were 5 companies asking someone that can speak Finnish.

Important to know :)

I will continue collecting data and will write another post telling what happened in April. If you want to receive more information on your e-mail, please just fill this form: and I’ll send it to you :)

I am a PhD candidate at Aalto University — Department of Design — where I investigate which skills companies seek when they recruit designers. More about my research can be found here. If you have any comment, feedback or any other response to this post, I would be happy to hear. You can reach me on Twitter or e-mail: :)