Paul Olsen Denver Reveals CBG’s Latest Offerings

Paul Olsen Denver and the Company Broker Group have been helping Colorado business owners sell and transfer their companies to new ownership for over ten years. They are trusted business specialists who focus on selling and buying as well as mergers and acquisitions. They are known for their ability to broker deals that are win-win situations for both the owner as well as the buyer, helping ensure smooth transitions that benefit all parties involved. Below, Paul Olsen of Denver reveals what Company Broker Group’s offerings for 2015 are so far; and how these businesses will surely benefit whoever gets them first.

CBG is currently selling a 65 year old confectionary manufacturing and distribution company in South Metro Denver that manufactures fine custom caramel and bulk caramel products and distributes them. They had a cash flow of $358,573 in 2012; 401,551 in 2013. The buyer gets over three quarters of a million worth of well-kept equipment.

Also in South Metro Denver, they have a 55 year-old refrigeration service business for sale at $150,000 down and another $250,000 over time.
The company now holds over $700,000 in accounts receivable, inventory, equipment and well-kept trucks and vans that will all be given to the buyer upon purchase.

Paul Olsen, Denver and CBG also have a 29 year-old full service commercial and residential landscaping design company.

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