Uber’s path forward
Garrett Camp

I have your app, and I have been using it for quite some time now. Everything you said about how your company changed its customers’ life for the better is true. Period.

Unfortunately, this has nothing, and I mean nothing, whatsoever to do what got you guys (I’m using the word ‘guys’ here, pay attention) into the kind of trouble that have you trying (I’m using the word trying here, pay attention) to handle what has got to be one of the worst PR problems in recent history. And, amazingly, you opted to use exactly the same kind of doublespeak that got you there! What has got one thing to do with the other? Why didn’t you save this kind of drivel to the kind of people who DO NOT read Medium?

Get out of the kind of mental environment you seem to be in, and try (I’m just asking for an attempt) to truly empathise e face the awful noise you guys (oops, you guys are everywhere) created without any help from any woman ever. For real.

Mind you, I’m taking the trouble to type in this long, to my standards at least, response because (1) What you guys (that word again) did made me very very angry. I’m married to a woman, and we have a daughter who’s growing in the kind of world that’s still run, unfortunately, by guys (oops, here you are again) like you. (2) I sincerely hope that you can keep liberating grandmothers worldwide.

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