Stupid White What?

The book Stupid White Men by Michael Moore was written in 2001. Its first 5 pages approach how difficult is to publish a book criticizing the US Government. Moore’s main point in this excerpt is that Americans cannot see clearly what the government is doing for society AND how media was working together in their journal. In addition, he argued that there was a media blackout, a situation that local media didn’t want to publish his book using poor arguments or even poor excuses trying to hide the real reason they didn’t want to publish a book criticizing the US Government. Then, after a big effort, Moore was able to publish his book. His effort was recognized by BBC, Channel Four UK and others in UK, that produced his first TV series and others (other channels? Other series?).

Still looking at the Introduction and success case, when Moore could publish his book and he managed to overcome this kind of barrier and to sell a lot of books in the US and abroad. After being #1 in Canada, Moore reached another goal: “But then something strange happened. My wife called me over to her computer one day and said, “Check this out”. She had pulled up And there it was: Stupid White Men at #1 in the UK. How could this be? The book wasn’t even for sale there yet. Unable to buy it in Britain, Brits and Irish were buying an overpriced imports to the British Isles. Within a week, the book went to #1 on the Sunday Times list”.

Ok. To be on the top of sales, even in UK, it means that some Brits loved the book, bought a lot, and liked the story about a conservative government that prejudices its own people. Because of that, we can build the assumption that some Brits realized how dangerous is a conservative wing; we are starting out from the simple idea that just because some Brits liked this book does mean, in fact, that they learnt as not being conservative and think in a community-way, as Moore tried to explain in his book. Right?

Wrong. Perhaps, some Brits didn’t figure out how this book applies on their reality. They have been unable the build the bridge from the book to reality; from the US context to their own context. It’s different and it’s not different at the same time. Stupid White Man had been sold in large scale in UK trying to explain how dangerous is the conservative wing. And now, most of Brits are trying to bring the conservative thoughts and put it into practice; trying to put in practice an old thought of local community, instead of embrace the idea of global or at least regional community.

In conclusion, perhaps some Brits have to read this book again trying to look at their own reality and figuring out what is the impact of being conservative right now.