Do you always play your best game?

Yesterday I fell. And it was ugly. It was public – there were a huge crowd – and so many believed in me. It was such a disappointment.

But I’m on my feet now. And I’ll keep practicing, I’ll keep trying, and someday I’ll win again.

Not too far ago I used to think this was the kind of words only the losers use. I was comfortable with my easy winnings and fell into a dangerous comfort zone. I wasn’t playing my best game for very long while, and I didn’t even realize how mediocre I was becoming.

Sometimes, when we see someone who was playing his best game loose so hard we might think this is not for us. That it is too painful and you’d do better staying where you are. But yesterday I’ve learned a feel things about the A+ games:

  • Yes, it is painful, and ugly, but what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger;
  • Only pushing yourself to your limits you improve. That’s for better and greater winnings and to minimize losses. I’ve suffered a lot yesterday, yes, but surprisingly, I’m recovering faster than I could imagine. Faster then never before.
  • Meaningful and life changing achievements don’t come easily.
  • Meaningful and life changing achievements worth your heart and sweat.

Yes, I fell pretty bad yesterday. But today I’m tougher. And I’ll keep pushing. Will you?

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