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Getting featured on ReverbNation

If you missed my other story about ReverbNation then you should probably read it first to get some context on this story. Basically, I started playing guitar recently and had a nice experience with ReverbNation when I got one of my first song reviewed with a 7.6 out of 10.
Since then I became a fan of the Crowd Review service and had six of my songs reviewed. 20 reviews for $10 each it sounds like it was worth the shot.

After the results came in, I was really blown away and it has exceeded all my expectations: 7.0, 7.2, 7.2, 7.6, 7.6 and 7.9

So what does it mean now? Well, for me it’s kind of a big achievement because only about 6% of songs reviewed make it to the 7.5 mark and only 3% make it to 7.9. So ReverbNation goes to the trouble of analyzing all these songs and if they pass all the quality parameters they are illegible to get featured on their website which is exactly what happened to me. Yesterday I received an email confirming that I earned a feature spot on the ReverbNation homepage, how cool is that?!!!! I’ve just created my profile a few weeks ago and I’m getting featured on their website? Nice!

Digital Funk Video from Rotor Videos

The hit song was Digital Funk which I kindly agree. It was the last song written and it’s probably the most robust song so far with some details that have surely made the difference when being evaluated.

Here are some of the reviews, I’ll start with the bad ones again:

The production is really bad. The instruments are good in this song but they sound muffled. The guitar work is really good though. The solo is good but the mixing/production piece of the song must improve a lot.

I think that if there where lyrics and a great blues guitar riff put over this track it would be something. It is repetitive to listen to for a minute. I think however there is alot of potential for this track.

And some good ones:

Not bad, not bad at all. The lack of vocals is not a problem, as the instrumentation is good enough to keep your interest and the production is flawless.

Nice poppy beat/rhythm. It sounds peppy and energetic. Certain parts of it remind me a lot of “Uptown Funk” and considering the name I’m not certain if that’s intentional or not.

I really liked the instrumentation of this song and thought that the electric guitar sounded awesome. I liked how upbeat the song was. I liked the funky sound of the music.

So save the date, I’ll be featured on ReverbNation on the 6th of June of 2017. In the meanwhile, if you want to check my ReverbNation profile and become a fan, please be my guest :)




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Paulo Taylor

Paulo Taylor

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