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With Stripe Atlas, entrepreneurs can easily incorporate a U.S. company, set up a U.S. bank account, and start accepting payments with Stripe. ( I’m one of them, YES!)

My experience with Stripe Atlas

Paulo Tenorio
Apr 15, 2016 · 3 min read

In short words, AWESOME!

I’m CEO of Trakto, a All-in-one Marketing platform for professionals and SMBs. If you love Canva and Hubspot, we took the best of them and merged into a simple and affordable solution to allow anyone to do marketing like a pro. We are about to debut in the global scene.
To know more click here:

Back to Atlas.

We are based in Brazil. Northeast of Brazil in a city called Maceió.
Right now we are going through a turmoil in politics and business has become a life or death matter. On top of that we are a startup scaling our business model and still fundraising. So imagine yourself surrounded by a climate of fear and discredit. A president is about to be impeached and rumours of civil war are rising.

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In this nightmare scenario for a high volatile business like a startup, a beacon of hope was lite by Stripe.

When I read about Atlas. I was like: that’s it. See why below.

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With an awesome support team and a partnership with Silicon Valley Bank in about a month we were all set. Trakto is now incorporated in Delaware as Trakto.Inc with a Bank Account in Silicon Valley and ready to do business. It took less than a month and I didn’t had to fly to the US or even mail anything. All the paperwork and legal was made by the Atlas team.

Amazing. For real. As business owner this kind of experience is everything I believe and aim for at Trakto.

For entrepreneurs like myself, who struggle with a hard decision of leaving your family and country behind to grow global a business in the US, Atlas has a more significant meaning than doing business.
It is all about been in the front row of a new global economy.

Integration with Stripe was insanely easy and straight forward. Smooth as it should be for a company that is changing the way people do business in the world.

I have begun to dream about clients all over the world. I’m also more than happy to pay my US Tax dollars and contribute for a country that creates conditions for companies like Stripe and myself to thrive.

It is a symbolic and powerful message for governments all over the world, specially in Brazil.

I’m sincerely thankful for this program and what it meant for us.

I strongly recommend you to apply for the program:

To know more about Trakto,
And to connect with me, I’m always on FB:

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