5 Awesome IFTTT Recipes for Marketing

If you aren’t using IFTTT recipes for marketing then you are possibly missing a trick or two.

Being able to automate parts of your day as a digital marketeer is a great time saver. I am a big believer that the content we post and the interaction we have with our followers on social media does need to be in real-time and personal, but this doesn’t mean that when it comes to the technology side of it that some things can’t be automated using amazing tools like IFTTT.

Here are a few IFTTT recipes I find very useful and thought you may too

Keep your profile pictures in sync.

Ensuring your business’ brand is consistent is very important, especially how your profile looks on different social media sites. This neat little IFTTT recipe ensures that any update to your Facebook profile image, also updates your profile image on twitter.

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Share your Instagram pics as native Twitter photos.

We have all read the stats about how much more likely your Twitter post is going to get engagement if it includes an image, well since Twitter and Instagram do not play nicely together, this little IFTTT recipe can help with that. This recipe allows the images you post to Instagram, to be posted as native images on Twitter (which means the image shows in the newsfeed and not as a link).

Do remember though, that if this is on then you do not need to ‘share to twitter’ when you add a new image on your Instagram account.

If you don’t wish to share all of the images you post on Instagram to Twitter, then you can adjust the recipe to only share those images posted using a specified hashtag you decide.

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Build a Twitter list from a specific hashtag.

Creating and using Twitter lists are a great way to identify and separate specific Twitter users who you would like to watch closer, or those who post great content you would like to re-use and share with your followers.

This great IFTTT recipe will let you create a Twitter list based on specific hashtags, which can be extremely useful if you are hosting an event and are promoting a specific hashtag for it.

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When you like a photo on Instagram then it will save the photo on Google Drive.

If one of your followers or customers add an image on Instagram that shows your product you should like it as a brand. This IFTTT recipe will help you place all the images and who shared them that you like into a Google Drive folder.

If you as a brand also like your own images, it is a great way to save and catalog the images you share to your account — especially as they may be on your phone and not accessible to others in your team.

Automatically add users who @mention you to a Twitter list.

As mentioned above, Twitter lists are a great filtration tool for Twitter. This IFTTT recipe is a great way to make sure that anyone who mentions your Twitter account is then placed in a specific Twitter list that can either be public or private.

This can then be used to see what else they talk about, how influential they are and be able to communicate to them separately.

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As well as IFTTT there are other great automated tools out there such as Zapier.

What other IFTTT recipes for marketing do you use?

Originally published at paulparsons.me on March 24, 2016.