Reader Question: How insane is it for a 46 year-old to try to start a Hollywood writing career?
Scott Myers

As someone who just turned 63 I stopped celebrating my birthday a long time ago.

It’s like the scene in “Breaking Away” where the Dennis Quaid character “Mike” laments about watching the college team practice. “Every year there’ll be a new one and it’s never going to be me. I’ll just be Mike. Twenty-year-old Mike. Thirty-year-old Mike. Old mean old man Mike. But the college kids will never get old…out of shape…’cause new ones come every year…”

That’s me. I’m the screenwriter version of Mike. But thank you, Scott for today’s article. Thank you for reminding me that even though I may be out of shape physically, I’m still only one good pass completion away from making the team.

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