Very interested but simply too expensive. I know I’m not alone on this, so I thought I’d share.
Terence Finn

Discussion the price is right. Some people say it’s to expensive.

I ordered it for 429$. And YES, for 716$ I would not have ordered it — too much on this experiment. Surely, I hope this is amazing and after waiting for more than 20 years this could be the first paper-feeling hard- and software.

Terence, the link you send is very very interesting. 
I don’t think you mean 429$ is too much for the start, but 716$.

I’m sure, the remarkable-guys did a very very good job in pricing by reducing it to 50% the first months, then 40%.
They can find out how much they will be able to sell and produce and I’m sure the endprice won’t be 700$ and the massmarket will accept a price of 399$ for the time more and more people use it and more and more people want it after.

Later people will still pay 299–399$ for it. Think on the laptops students use. Why still f….ing around with those battery killers while you can have paper-feeling?

This product has the power of massmarket.

I really really hope the guys will make it and no big vendor will take it away and make a standard-garbage product out of it.

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