Go Ahead, Write Something That Is Simply AWFUL
Melanie Rockett

Yeah, it’s a funny thing, writing something awful. It’s funny, that’s all.

I’m quite new at writing. I published stories here on Medium that got 1k views in one day and I have some that still have 5 views after three weeks. It’s baffling to look at the stats.

But from a distance it seems so valuable as an experience! I can say — okay, so that just didn’t work, but the other thing did. So let’s compare and learn from it to do more of the good stuff and less of the awful.

I won’t remove those awful stories. They are important to me. When I wrote them, I had my fun. They don’t do any harm, they just sit there, forgotten and overlooked. I look at them and I can say: that’s how it works — some days you got it and some days — you don’t. I’m just happy I had the courage to write and publish.