Best ways to learn Chinese

How can we learn mandarin Chinese well? This is a question I received most from my students. I have been teaching Chinese lessons online at iChineseLearning for almost 2 years and I’d like to share with you my opinions as to how to learn mandarin Chinese the best way.

First of all, be active in learning mandarin Chinese. Take the advantage of each opportunity to use mandarin Chinese and try your best to communicate in the language. Don’t be afraid of mistakes and be willing to correct the mistakes. Even though the communication may seem difficult sometimes, you can always receive the general idea. Thinking in the way of mandarin Chinese is more important than the meaning of certain words.

Second, instead of waiting for the teacher’s explanation, you can try to discover the principles in the Chinese language by yourselves and make a conclusion. If you made the wrong conclusion, then guess again until you get the right one. From the correction of mistakes, you improve their language skills.

Finally, have a target in learning Chinese. Being able to speak the language means you can communicate and socialize with native mandarin speakers. After knowing the importance of mandarin Chinese, you will be willing to learn and take it for granted that learning mandarin is fun. So ask yourself why you want to learn the language.

These are what I think the best ways to learn Chinese language. Of course, you may have your own. If the methods worked for you, it’s my great pleasure.

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