My White Boss Talked About Race in America and This is What Happened
Mandela SH Dixon

As a White Man, whenever I hear or read the words “as a Black Woman or as a Black Man” I don’t want to read or listen anymore, I am so sick and tired of hearing this. When do we ever hear anyone preface thier comment or story with the words “As a White Man or As a White Woman”, almost never, but EVERYDAY we hear “as a Black” person over and over and over.

If you want to discuss racism, then say that, if you want to discuss slavery, then say that. And I’ve got news for you, Black people are not the only victims of racism or injustice in this world (you might want to consult the Jews or American Native Indians) and “as a White Man” I’ve been a victim of racism from Arab Muslims (Iran/United Arab emirates) and Thai’s who hate me because I’m a foreigner who is white and speaks English and UK hooligans who hate me because I’m American.

And moreover, America has elected a black president twice, if you “folks’ don’t remember.

So guess what folks, RACISM is never going to end in this world, no matter how many long winded articles you write prefaced with the words “A a Black Woman” maybe try writing something “as a Human Being”.

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