Ann to Dump Trump
Paul Rainwater

I don’t see anything xenophobic about fixing our immigration and keeping out potential terrorists and being careful to vet people more closely coming in from areas that might have a terrorist population, if you want to call it xenophobia and try to change the subject. This story was about Ann Coulter and now you want to change the subject and start trying to invalidate me because I might agree with tighter security for America and immigration reform? I’m not here to debate xenophobia and the term Islamic terrorism and political correctness, I was writing about how significant it was that such a conservative person like Ann Coulter was ready to dump Trump and my point that there’s so many conservatives who are bias blind who can’t see the truth about this guy, but xenophobia and a failed business man? I’m not here to discuss that and that’s a different conversation and don’t put words in my mouth I don’t appreciate your passive aggressive covert insult.

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