Weaknesses can’t be found in averages

I’ve been finding myself reviewing quite a few websites recently, and providing a list of recommended improvements, and I’ve come to understood one thing:

“Weaknesses can’t be found in averages.”

Every business, and every website will have them — and they will usually be masked by averages. Average bounce rate, average time on site, average conversion rate.

By digging into the data you can find areas which aren’t performing as well as you would have expected, but these won’t jump out at you. They have to be uncovered.

  • Look for differences in paid traffic vs organic traffic. Are you paying for traffic that isn’t engaging with your content?
  • Identify dropout points for new visitors. Where are you losing potential new customers?
  • Break your conversion rate down by device to identify weaknesses on mobile or tablet.

It won’t tell you how to fix them, or what the problem is; but it will give you an area to focus on for further analysis.

“Next time you are looking through analytics, avoid the averages and look for the weaknesses.”

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