Bernie Take Off Your White Helmet
Chris Bonanny

Great article. For corporate media line pushers like the gentlemen below, you might want to get outside your media bubble, you might learn something. Ask Syrians living in government controlled areas which they prefer, Assad, or head-chopping nuts. Believe me, the vast majority are PRAYING that the government wins, they live in terror that groups we indirectly support (through real peaches like the Saudis, heard about their lovely war in Yemen? when they execute people for witchcraft, that’s OK, right, they’re the good guys?) will take over their areas. You would think all the media and government lies leading up to the Iraq COMPLETE FUCKING DISASTER would have made an impression on the sheeple. Nope, still swallowing the lies, enthusiastically, and screaming at others for being bad and not eating up. Get ready to have a lot of Syrian and American blood on your hands if you give the government what they badly, badly want- Iraq 2.0 in Syria. You are dangerous fools.

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