Actually, Bill Maher, Hillary Clinton Was The GREATER Evil
Caitlin Johnstone

I continue to be baffled how HRC continues to be defended by anyone. Her RECORD was and is an absolute abomination, from the Libyan disaster she orchestrated (where she found a man being brutally beaten and killed to be funny- no matter what you think of Qaddafi, such a reaction shows a sick mind) with a blood trail that likely leads to Manchester, to callously profiting from the Haitian earthquake. And there is no greater confirmation of her absolute shit character than how she has handled her loss- I am not sure there is a bigger whiny, completely dishonest sore loser in history. Trump is a nutty, dull goof, Hilary seems borderline sociopathic in her inability to EVER acknowledge she made a mistake. She showed again and again during the campaign that she basically thinks she is incapable of doing wrong- continually made every excuse imaginable (State Dept. allowed it, Colin Powell did the same thing, no classified emails were on it, none were deleted, etc., etc., etc…) for the private server (which was clearly for nefarious purposes- from the least foul being avoiding FOIA the worst to stockpile classified info for future use/sale), used absurd reasons for not sharing her Wall Street speeches (it was misogynistic to ask, of course), and even when forced to claim mistakes (Iraq War, ‘deplorables/ irredeemables’, that DWS had to go), she served them up with a heaping helping of weaselly rationalizations. Such a personality type would be incredibly dangerous as President. Think if Truman hadn’t rebuked MacArthur and decided he had to ‘win’ in Korea via nukes? What if Kennedy had doubled down on the Bay of Pigs and decided to invade Cuba? What if Reagan had decided to react to the Lebanese marine barracks bombing by invading Lebanon? I wouldn’t trust Hillary to EVER admit a mistake and back down, which combined with some of her absurdly aggressive policies (like the no fly zone- and let’s not forget that ol’ Hil has a huge ‘Russia’ issue, too, in her clearly questionable uranium deal- I believe they even admitted this as a big problem in documents released via Wiki or Judicial Watch), made her just what you say- the kind of nut that would push for her position to ‘win’ to the point of triggering WW3. She is a reptile married (still) to a sexual predator scumbag, how she ever got as far as she got is a shining example of how deeply corrupted our political system is.