I think I found Proof of Felony Count “Making a False Statement” by Michael Glasgow in the Flint Water Crisis?

I think I found Proof of Felony Count “Making a False Statement” by Michael Glasgow in the Flint Water Crisis?

I. Discrepencies in the December 2014 Monthly Operations Report

A.) -(DRAFT): https://www.cityofflint.com/wp-content/upl...

B.) -(PUBLIC): https://www.cityofflint.com/wp-content/upl...

*Why are the numbers in the “Draft” Report and “Public” Report different?

*BIG differences in the Chemical Data Totals for Primary Coagulant (Ferric Chloride) on hand

* Why are these the only MORs I can find that are NOT signed by Michael Glasgow

*THERE IS NO MENTION OF THIS ANYWHERE ONLINEOR IN MEDIA THAT I HAVE HEARD YET!!! AND MORE IMPORTANT EXPLANATION AS TO HOW OFTEN A “DRAFT” REPORT IS MADE AND MADE PUBLIC? If this being available is someone a mistake by the Flint Government Officials, this data is the actual SMOKING-GUN PROVING that their actions/ineptness/etc ALONE will be the cause of humans never being the same in a real and really potentially harmful way. If this excess of Chloride was in deed excessive, not to mention “covered-up up” in Falsifying the MOR……this excess Chloride = accelerated Iron corrosion = disinfection by-products (DBPs) = trihalomethanes (THM) and haloacetic acids (HAA) = Transcription Factors being impacted in DNA and RNAs = ETC = NO BUENO!

“In addition, following the switch to using the Flint River, the City of Flint began adding ferric chloride,” a coagulant used to improve the removal of organic mattor, as part of the strategy to reduce the TTHM levels. Studies have shown that an increase in the chloride-to-sulfate mass ratio in the water can adversely affect lead levels by increasing the galvanic corrosion of lead in the plumbing network.

- Miguel A. Del Toral Regulations Manager EPA

Proof of Precedent for Federal Convictions


ʺWater Treatment Supervisor Pleads Guilty for Falsifying Drinking Water Safety Reportsʺ

The Justice Department has announced that Christopher Neil Gauntt, the former supervisor of the Fort Gibson Water Treatment Plant in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Muskogee, Oklahoma to falsifying a monthly operating report that certified the safety of drinking water from the facility.

Gauntt pleaded guilty to a one-count information charging him with a felony count of making a false statement. He admitted that on or about June 12, 2008, he submitted a monthly operating report containing false data for drinking water that is provided to residents of Fort Gibson as well as residents of Muskogee Rural Water Districts 4 and 7, Cherokee Water drinking water systems, and the water systems for Corral Creek Subdivision and Ozark Water Inc.

Under the federal Safe Water Drinking Act, which is administered and enforced by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), as well as EPA, the Fort Gibson water treatment plant must provide drinking water that meets standards to ensure that the water is safe for human consumption. Two of the standards that must be met include turbidity and chlorine. If turbidity, the measure of clarity of drinking water, or chlorine levels are not within levels required by the Safe Drinking Water Act, there is a potential risk that the water could retain microorganisms that carry waterborne diseases.

Gauntt admitted that he recorded levels in the monthly operating report submitted to Oklahoma DEQ that indicated the turbidity and chlorine levels were in compliance with required standards when he knew in fact they were not. In August 2008, Fort Gibson had sent a notice concerning this to residents who receive their drinking water from the Fort Gibson water treatment plant. Fort Gibson did not receive any information that anyone experienced any ill effects from the drinking water during that time period.

“All citizens should be confident that they are receiving drinking water that is safe for consumption. Those who knowingly compromise the regulatory protections of the Safe Drinking Water Act will be prosecuted,” said John C. Cruden, Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division. “The prosecution in this case demonstrates that the government vigorously acts to ensure all of our citizens have good drinking water and the Safe Drinking Water Act’s requirements are being complied with.”

“Accurate information is essential for the federal government and the State of Oklahoma to assure good drinking water for the public,” said Warren Amburn, Special Agent in Charge of EPA’s criminal enforcement program in Dallas. “Individuals who submit false reports or bogus data undermine those efforts and they will be vigorously pursued.”

“Falsifying information about the safety of the drinking water supply is dangerous,” Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson said. “Ensuring an adequate supply of safe, clean water is an important public health issue. We will continue to work with our partners at all levels of government to protect the people of this state and the water they drink.”

As a result of the felony conviction, Gauntt could be sentenced up to five years in prison and fined up to $250,000.